QuickHit: ‘Suicide Squad’

Another woefully underwhelming entry into the flailing DC Cinematic Universe. With this film, Ayers makes no attempt whatsoever in establishing a consistent pacing or tone, nor a basic understanding of the characters or their importance to the story outside of a ten-minute Viola Davis exposition dump. The filmmaking is lazy, conventional, and uninspired, as are most of the actors’ performances (not that the dialogue they’re given was very helpful). Simply put, this film takes the weakest parts of the worst comic book movies (a terrible villain, lackluster action choreography, weak chemistry among leads, etc.) and stretches them out across a bland, ultimately forgettable two-hour suck-fest.

Also, the Joker is in this movie, and he’s horrible.


Rating: *

Written by Michael Lang

A passionate TV watcher and frequent moviegoer, Mike has long enjoyed analyzing and discussing the best (and worst) in pop culture with friends, family, message-board frequenters, and especially his good friends, Chris and Jeff. Now with Screeningclub.com and the SCTV podcast, he's thrilled to finally have the chance to bring those discussions to a public forum.

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