QuickHit: ‘Sausage Party’

The movie never really moves beyond its one central joke – inanimate food items walking and talking like real people! – and maybe if the execution of this one joke was funnier or implemented more cleverly I’d be more forgiving. But I just didn’t find it that consistently funny or interesting. The movie also attempts to make some half-hearted point about the dangers of singular devotion to organized religion? Okay, sure, whatever. There are some decent sight-gags and occasional lough-out-loud moments, but just not enough for this to feel worth the time.

Rating: **

Written by Michael Lang

A passionate TV watcher and frequent moviegoer, Mike has long enjoyed analyzing and discussing the best (and worst) in pop culture with friends, family, message-board frequenters, and especially his good friends, Chris and Jeff. Now with Screeningclub.com and the SCTV podcast, he's thrilled to finally have the chance to bring those discussions to a public forum.

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