QuickHit: ‘Morgan’

The film lures you into thinking its one thing – an artful, ambitious sci-fi mystery that ponders the social and real-world ramifications of artificial intelligence, a la “Ex Machina” – before abruptly shifting into something else entirely – a bland, forgettable action-horror shoot-em-up, a la “iRobot”, that undermines all the good-will the film earned in its first half. I really wanted to like this film, but with a final act as ill-conceived as the one it provides, I wound up walking away cold.


Rating: **

Written by Michael Lang

A passionate TV watcher and frequent moviegoer, Mike has long enjoyed analyzing and discussing the best (and worst) in pop culture with friends, family, message-board frequenters, and especially his good friends, Chris and Jeff. Now with Screeningclub.com and the SCTV podcast, he's thrilled to finally have the chance to bring those discussions to a public forum.

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