QuickHit: ‘Other People’

I can’t recall the last movie to hit me as hard as this one did. Molly Shannon is extraordinary as the dying, cancer-stricken mother-of-three at the center of this very sad, very funny, very relatable story. Every scene she shares with Jesse Plemons – who’s character’s own struggles with rejection and dissatisfaction, both personal and professional, are captured intimately with subdued realism – is deeply personal and heart-wrenching to watch. Their chemistry and interactions throughout the film convey all the love, affection and regret they each have for one another, and their shared screen-time culminates in certain scenes almost too difficult to sit through.

The film strikes familiar indie, coming-of-age genre beats as it wheels its way towards its conclusion, and maybe has a scene or two worth cutting or a couple characters on the broad or underdeveloped side, but this is a special movie with a supporting performance from Molly Shannon worthy of several big awards victories. It’s definitely an early front-runner for my favorite film of the year.

Rating: *****

Written by Michael Lang

A passionate TV watcher and frequent moviegoer, Mike has long enjoyed analyzing and discussing the best (and worst) in pop culture with friends, family, message-board frequenters, and especially his good friends, Chris and Jeff. Now with Screeningclub.com and the SCTV podcast, he's thrilled to finally have the chance to bring those discussions to a public forum.

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