QuickHit: ‘Moonlight’

This is a powerful, poignant, beautifully-realized film by writer-director Barry Jenkins. Like its protagonist, the film says so much with so little perceived effort – the systematic tragedies of financially depressed black neighborhoods, drug addiction, bullying, masculinity, and of course, grappling with one’s own sexuality – and does so with a level of eloquence and profundity to which most films could only aspire. The direction and cinematography lend so much to the understanding of the Chiron character and the ways in which he feels out of touch with the world around him, and the effectiveness of each are reinforced by the authenticity of the acting performances showcased in all three distinct chapters of this story (Mahershala Ali and Janelle Monáe are particularly great). This is a great film that operates on many different levels –  there’s something to learn about, relate to, and marvel at for every individual person, of any background, who sees this, I would think – and to see it only once probably doesn’t do it justice. There’s too much to unpack and appreciate.


Rating: *****

Written by Michael Lang

A passionate TV watcher and frequent moviegoer, Mike has long enjoyed analyzing and discussing the best (and worst) in pop culture with friends, family, message-board frequenters, and especially his good friends, Chris and Jeff. Now with Screeningclub.com and the SCTV podcast, he's thrilled to finally have the chance to bring those discussions to a public forum.

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