Review: ‘The Walking Dead’ 7.12 – ‘Say Yes’

Say Yes (To The Dead)

Welcome back to my weekly review of The Walking Dead! I took a week off due to the horrific ending of The Academy Awards which took place at the same time as The Walking Dead last week. If you want to know more about how we here at Screening Club feel about that whole fiasco go listen to our weekly podcast!

Let’s just say last week was a good episode to miss because it was as filler as filler gets. Guys, we know Negan is a bad dude that also has layers. We get that. Eugene is the least interesting person to have an episode centered around and aside from him pledging his allegiance (supposedly) to the Saviors the episode didn’t deliver much in terms of story progression.

Last night’s episode Say Yes was as much of a bottle episode as you can get on this show. Rick and Michonne scavenging for guns. It’s a TV show so of course they find them, but the battle they have with the walkers to get them was surprisingly well shot and fun to see. It is great how the show can reflect on how much these characters have grown by just showing you a certain fighting style or a tone of voice. Their plan was never said verbally but the cinematography and camera movement conveyed that info to the viewer well.

Of course, it wouldn’t be The Walking Dead without some out of place crappy CGI. One of the most popular shows in television history doesn’t have it in the budget to get an actual deer on set. A tiger interacting with humans I get, but a DEER!?

Say Yes proved your able to have fun while at the same time reflecting on the darker aspects of this show. I’m able to believe the arc that Rick has taken this season more because of the time he’s had to reflect on his decisions. Even if that reflection comes in the form of wanting to kill more walkers. Only four more episodes this season. Do you guys think the war will start somewhere in those four eps?

Written by Christopher Moore

Christopher Moore has a history in academic writing but has always had a passion for the media he loves. From music, to comics, to games, Chris looks beyond the page and searches for story behind the story.

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