Review: ‘The Leftovers’ 3.06 – ‘Certified’

Spotlight on Laurie

Certified acts as a spotlight on the character of Laurie while at the same time moving our overall story forward. A lot of what has been shrouded in mystery, i.e. what is this new cult’s plan for Kevin, has been cleared up. Kevin Sr., allowing his son to take on the Jesus role, is planning on using Kevin’s ability to go to the afterlife to get the final rain song from Christopher Sunday. Once Kevin Sr. is able to complete the final ritual, the world will be saved from a second flood of biblical proportions.

But when you hear tell of someone speaking to the dead, everyone wants in the action. Grace wants answers from her kids and John wants to know why Evie left. Yet again finality and closure is being used as a driving force in the Leftovers. You could even say that what happens (or did it?) to Laurie in this episode is her finding closure within herself. As the storm that was foretold moves in, Laurie finds contentment in her life. So much so, she might have chose to end it right there. Laurie has had one of the most fascinating arcs on the show. From a character who was seemingly devoid of emotion and empathy to one of the emotional cores of this season. She’s taken up the mantle of the respectful skeptic, sort of a more reasonable version of John from last season. But in a world that has seemed to move beyond reason, it can be extremely hard to remain a skeptic.


Quick Thoughts:

  • I think it’s a given that Kevin will make it to the afterlife, but I’m not sure it’ll be as easy as last time.
  • I also don’t think we’ll see everyone Kevin was asked to speak with while he’s there. We might not even see Laurie.

Written by Christopher Moore

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